Carlisle has been influential in shaping British history. Witnessing Roman occupation, Viking invasions, Medieval battles, Tudor plagues, Victorian revolutions and World Wars.

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Chauffeured in a 1930s style vehicle, your driver will be dressed in vintage attire evoking memories of bygone eras.

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Tour Carlisle's History by Vintage Car


Carlisle City Tour by Vintage Car

The City Tour

The City Tour takes you through the historic streets of Carlisle, whilst trying to bring the ghost of the past back to life through storytelling. Time travel through places such as the site of the largest fort along Hadrian's Wall, the 11th Century Castle, the Medieval Wall's of the City, the Tudor Citadel and the Victorian Workhouse. Hear how Carlisle was involved in one of Britain's worst disasters but marvel at the many innovative ways Carlisle has lead the way in medicine, engineering, sport, politics and diversity.

Carlisle City Gruesome History Tour by Vintage Car

The Gruesome Tour

The Gruesome Tour is for those who like the blood and gore of the past. The tour goes back in time to see places and hear stories of public executions, historic murders, life in a Victorian lunatic asylum, government controlled experiments, Victoria Cross WW1 war heroes, death, disease and bloody battles between England and Scotland.

Carlisle Village Tour by Vintage Car

The Village Tour

The Village Tour is for those wanting a relaxed and interesting drive out in a beautiful car with time to visit some stunning locations. Dare you walk along an 1830s viaduct, set 100 feet above the River Eden with spectacular views across the countryside. Then wander inside and explore a Medieval Priory Gatehouse and climb its spiral stone staircase. The tour takes in beautiful old houses, picturesque scenery and a wonderful riverside setting.

Carlisle Roman History Tour by Vintage Car

The Roman Tour

The Roman Tour details the recent discovery of a Roman Bathhouse and the location of the largest fort on Hadrian's Wall. You will then travel to Willowford, now owned by English Heritage (no extra charge) and have time to explore the Wall. This walk is self guided and takes you alongside what is considered to be one of the longest and best preserved sections of this 1900 year old frontier Wall. The ruins of two turrets can be seen and information on the Wall's history with images of how the Wall may have looked is stated at each section. Hadrian's Wall was not only built across land but also spanned rivers and this tour takes in two of the three river crossings. The walk takes approximately one hour and we suggest you wear appropriate and sensible clothing and footwear for walking through the beautiful but sometimes wet and muddy countryside.

Special Carlisle City Tour by Vintage Car

The Occasion Tour

The Occasion Tour caters for those wanting a truly unique experience. Chauffeured from a location to a destination of your choice, you will be treated like Royalty. Tailor a trip to your particular interests or treat a loved one to a birthday or anniversary surprise. Valentine's Day, Mother's or Father's Day, Halloween or Christmas, whatever the occasion, create beautiful memories or reminisce with nostalgic ones.