About Us

Christine Holliday is from Carlisle and even though she has lived and worked across Britain, from Kilmarnock in the North to Leicester in the South and various places in between, she has always considered Carlisle to be her home.

With a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Physiotherapy from the University Of Northumbria at Newcastle and studying for a Postgraduate Diploma in Driving Assessments and Outdoor Mobility at Chester University she has now turned her attention to researching the history of Carlisle.

Tours of Carlisle, Cumbria
Tours of Carlisle, Cumbria

Stephen Dent is from Carlisle and except for holidays, he has never left his home city! He has been working in the Travel and Tourism industry for over 30 years and has a wealth of experience in this field.

His claim to fame is having his family history placed in a time capsule underneath The Lanes Shopping Centre and feels he deserves a medal for his devoted support of Carlisle United through their own turbulent and challenging history.

Tours of Carlisle, Cumbria

'Clyde' is our Beauford Tourer, registered in 1992 and completed in 2001. He has been designed and lovingly built to resemble a 1930s luxury vehicle. He has two tone silver bodywork, black mohair hood, magnolia dials, walnut dashboard, burgundy leather upholstery and blue Wilton carpets.

Clyde goes through daily and weekly checks to ensure the highest degree of safety. He also has four monthly checks with the City Council, similar to an MOT. This is to abide with local licensing laws to try and ensure the utmost safety of passengers.

Tours of Carlisle City, Cumbria
Tours of Carlisle, Cumbria
Tours of Carlisle, Cumbria

Despite these checks, Clyde is an old car and he does not have the same degree of luxuries, comfort and performance of a modern car. However, he really is fun to drive and travel in. You could be cold and your hair will be windswept if the hood is down. Our advice therefore is wrap up warm even in the summer (well we are up north!) if you do not like the cold. Fleecy blankets are provided for extra warmth if necessary.

  • Engine – Nissan 2.4 litre petrol
  • Transmission – 3 gear automatic
  • Mileage – 14,000+
  • 0-60 – eventually
  • Top Speed – comfortably 55 mph
  • Fuel economy – the attendant in the garage knows us by name
  • Time for hood to be taken up or down - 15 minutes with a few expletives
  • Seats – three passengers and driver
  • Seat belts – two 3 point harnesses for the front seats, two adjustable lap belts for the rear seats. Therefore we do not carry children under the age of 12 years
  • Head restraints – two adjustable head restraints for the front seats, none in the rear seats
Tours of Carlisle City, Cumbria