The Roman Tour

The Roman Tour

The Roman Tour details the recent discovery of a Roman Bathhouse and the location of the largest fort on Hadrian's Wall. You will then travel to Willowford, now owned by English Heritage (no extra charge) and have time to explore the Wall. This walk is self guided and takes you alongside what is considered to be one of the longest and best preserved sections of this 1900 year old frontier Wall. The ruins of two turrets can be seen and information on the Wall's history with images of how the Wall may have looked is stated at each section. Hadrian's Wall was not only built across land but also spanned rivers and this tour takes in two of the three river crossings. The walk takes approximately one hour and we suggest you wear appropriate and sensible clothing and footwear for walking through the beautiful but sometimes wet and muddy countryside.

Duration – allow up to two hours and 30 minutes (traffic depending)
Price - £95 for the exclusive use of the vehicle for up to three passengers
Pick up/drop off - outside Crown & Mitre Hotel, Carlisle. CA3 8HZ


  • Uxelodunum/Petriana the site of the largest fort along Hadrian's Wall from 122 AD
  • Willowford Roman Wall, Turret and bridge abutment over the River Irthing
  • Site of the Roman Bathhouse
  • Site of the bridge over the River Eden
  • The quaint town of Brampton
  • Beautiful English countryside
  • Luguvalium otherwise known as Carlisle
  • Site of the Roman Fort in Carlisle from 72 AD

Tour Information

Tour Date 25-02-2020 11:00 am
Price per tour £95.00
We are no longer accepting registration for this tour.